Unleash Your Greatness through the Power of Authenticity: Part 4

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happygalwithoutstretchedarms13101071_sMaking the commitment to live authentically takes courage and commitment.
It’s not always easy, but each step you take closer to living
authentically is well worth the energy and perseverance as it brings you closer to living your life’s purpose.
There will be times when you feel buoyant and excited. You will feel fully connected with and supported by the universe.  You will be in flow and experience the wonder of the journey with excitement and amazement.  You will know with every molecule in your body that you are realizing your passion and purpose; that you are living the life you were born to live.

There will be days where you are challenged to your core; days when you may feel like giving up and taking the ‘easy way’ out. There will be times when you struggle to see how the universe is supporting you along your path, and you will rail at the heavens and question everything you held true!

Don’t give up.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give up.

I’ve been sharing some practices with you to support you in living more authentically, but how do you manage to get through the rough spots and continue holding strong to your chosen path?

Get inspired!

Surround yourself with people, experiences and things that inspire you. Being in a state of inspiration and wonder opens your entire energy system, enabling your to feel more, receive more, and experience more.  It creates expansiveness in your world.

Literally, it brings you “in Spirit” – into a state of spiritual connection and harmony.

When you are surrounded by that which inspires you, you magnetize the ease and flow and grace of Spirit into your life. During the high times, it helps to keep you moving forward.  During the low times, it surrounds you with support and love to help you through it.

Lucky for you, the world if filled with wonder and inspiration, so you should be able to find many creative ways to bring it into your life.

  • Read books, watch movies and listen to music that inspires you.
  • Get out in nature and contemplate the wonder of it all.
  • Fill your environment with art, images, words or objects that bring you inspiration.
  • Find people who inspire you – people you know personally and those you know through following their life experiences. Who are your heroes? Who are your biggest cheer leaders and advocates? Find or create a community of visionary people who bolster you and your vision.
  • Engage in activities that nourish and nurture your soul; that open your heart and expand your energy.

Have fun with this … expansiveness is a beautiful thing!


Create an inspiring environment in your home or office. Clear out anything that does not support your vision and start bringing in that which does.  Make the places where you spend the most time into your personal den of inspiration.

Be sure to leave a comment and share what inspires you.


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  • Virginia Reeves
    Posted at 03:13h, 06 May Reply

    Remy – I love having color all around me. On my walls are cards, posters, stickers, and banner flags. Lots of flowers and butterflies. Rainbows and mountain scenes too.
    These lift up my spirits and make me smile. In our yards there are flowers showing off and bushes to add stability. I get a lot of pleasure walking in my neighborhood.

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