Take Your Power Back

Take Your Power Back

— How to recover YOU after earth-shattering failure —

If you’ve ever experienced failure, whether it’s a major setback or maybe several smaller failures in a row, you know it can really take a toll on your self-esteem. It can chip away at your confidence. It can make you feel like you’re losing yourself.

I hear this a lot, “I just want to get ME back” or “I just want to find that inner rock star that used to live inside me”. And this often comes after some kind of failure. We want to take our power back and move on to a sense of success again!

But after a failure (whether it’s a big failure or a lot of smaller failures that just won’t seem to turn around) sometimes we’re left with feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment or even anger. But these negative emotions create distance. They distance you from people who truly love and support you, and they distance you from success. Failures are simply learning experiences, and there’s no need for shame or any other negative emotion.

Negative emotions create distance, making it more challenging to draw in positive experiences. So how can you recover from failure, big or small? Give those negative emotions over to the universe so they can be vaporized. Give up expectations of how things should be and instead open up to possibilities you might never have imagined. And then take responsibility … not for the failure … but for how you’ll feel about it moving forward, so that you don’t keep attracting more failures.

Want more?

In this week’s episode, you’ll also learn:

  • How can we take our power back and move on to a sense of success?
  • How can we get over this sense of failure?
  • How can we manage our expectations for the next project or the next relationships or the next financial challenge?

These are spiritual lessons with a practical edge. You can also listen in for the short exercise that’s designed to help you implement this week’s topic.

If you’re someone who has the audacitythe willingness to take bold risks … then you can use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes starting today!

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