Are You Suffering from Failure to Launch Syndrome?

Failure-To-Launch-32579378_sI see it all the time. There’s someone with great ideas to bring to the world and yet they fail to execute time and time again.

They put if off until “someday”…

They get distracted by the next “bright shiny object” or the next great idea…

They fail to launch.

Ever see this happen? Perhaps you suffer from the same syndrome? It’s debilitating.  If you long to live your life purpose and you struggle with “failure to launch syndrome”, this may be one of your biggest hurdles.

“Tomorrow” never comes and “Someday” doesn’t exist. If you are carrying a great idea that can make a difference in the world, don’t keep putting it off until “someday”.  The truth is that the world needs your great ideas. Now is the time to take action and bring your great idea into reality.

Just launch.

Naturally, all great ideas take time to manifest, but without taking action in the present, they never will. So get out some flip charts, sticky notes, blueprints, helpers, and whatever other tools you need to start creating a strategy to bring your idea into reality. Then get busy. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

Every idea is different and will require different tools and resources to bring it into reality, but here are just a few things to consider:

  1. Believe in yourself and the value of your idea. This is essential in helping you get through the hurdles and challenges that may be involved. You can do this!
  2. Create a strategy. Break your project down into smaller steps and create a flow chart or process map to get clear all the steps involved. Know your end game and how to get there. This will help you hold the bigger vision of your idea while navigating through the details.
  3. Get clear on what you need. Consider the resources, tools, time and investment involved in bringing your idea into reality. This includes people, money, time, and information, to name a few. What do you have and what do you need to find. Write it out.
  4. Be patient & take continued action. Creation takes time and there may be hurdles to overcome. Know that you will need to take risks – sometimes small, sometimes bigger. Stay focused and keep taking steps forward until you see your idea realized.
  5. Avoid the lone-wolf syndrome. Bring people in to help you with the parts that are not your strength. You vision is much more likely to manifest if you delegate and leverage the power of teamwork. Know your strengths and be open to suggestions, insights and strategies from others with different strengths.   You may be a master at the big picture but miserable with sorting through the details, so get someone on your team who is masterful at sorting out details.

You have what it takes to do this. Now all you need to do is believe in yourself and start taking action.


Pick one great idea or project that you have not yet taken action on and take the first step.  Set a timer for 10 uninterrupted minutes. Map out your strategy on paper.  Break down the steps of the project/idea as best you can and then invite a trusted friend or colleague to take a look at it with you.  Be open to suggestions and ideas.

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