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You’ll no longer be wondering

Are you not reaching the financial success you’d imagined?
Are you confused, not knowing which direction to take?
Are you dealing with negative people that you can’t ignore?
Do you have an unfulfilling life with burnout and exhaustion?
Are you in the middle of everything going wrong with no easy answers?
Do you have persistent indecision, doubt or worry?
Are you in a relationship that distracts you from success?
Do you have a lack of self confidence, not knowing how to get where you want to go?

You just feel like you’re always in the same place, and never quite able to make the changes needed to get to the level of success that you’ve expected.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. You’re not alone and this is NOT your fault.

My name is Rémy Chaussé, and I am America’s #1 UNstuckologist.

The fact is, before I became a best-selling author, I found myself deeply, hopelessly, and painfully stuck. The one place that I relied on for my spiritual health and overall well-being turned against me. I was being abused by my minister and my church. And by the way… the minister was my husband.

What I experienced is something I call a spiritual injury… a moment of invalidation that ran so deep, it literally shattered me to the core. In these moments of invalidation, we can become immobilized. And there I was stuck and unable to move forward or even imagine ever being happy again.

I Desperately Sought Help

I tried traditional methods like a psychiatrist, two psychologists, a PTSD counselor, a hypnotist, a creative visualization expert, and an NLP practitioner … all to no avail. I even tried to “see the unseen” by working with an astrologist, a numerologist, a psychic medium, a violet light practitioner, and even someone who specialized in accessing Akashic records. No matter what modalities I tried, I couldn’t shake the trauma.

I was completely puzzled as to why I couldn’t move forward with my life. I thought, “This should be easier … am I the only person on this planet who’s too crazy for anyone to help? Am I just losing my mind?”

After well over a year of looking for answers, I realized that while many of the people I had sought out had the best of intentions, they often were too focused on the situation that had injured me (and what led me to that place), and not on the resolution. I wondered if I would be forever STUCK. One thing’s for sure … I felt it was energetic.

I spent the next several years studying how our internal energy cycle works and why so many of us get stuck. I examined how our energy inside interacts with the energy around us.

My hard work and research led to three important discoveries.

Now There Are More Obstacles Than Ever Being Thrown in Our Paths

As if our personal challenging experiences weren’t enough, opening ourselves to the world today is different than ever before. The virtual world can bring new people into our life that we might never otherwise encounter. While this can certainly be good, not all of these people will have our best interests at heart. And there are people that feel a power of anonymity in spreading their own negativity in the world via the Internet.

The Internet can invite bitter people and negativity into our lives that can be difficult to avoid. Some people’s actions and comments on the web can be demeaning, harmful, and even abusive. No matter how strong or successful we feel on the inside, no one is immune to this negativity.

And Life’s Demands and Expectations Have Reached New Levels

While the Internet certainly has opened up a world of opportunities, there is also an overwhelming amount of information to sort through. And for business owners these days, marketing and social media have become a complex venture.

Meanwhile, many of us are measuring our idea of success in business, profitability, family, and relationships against unprecedented new levels.

Between feeling overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to measure our success, and not wanting to get stuck in the process, how do we not feel immobilized or frozen in doubts?

It might surprise you to know that when people come to me for help, the first thing they say is, “I’m feeling stuck.” So I am going to share a secret with you right now that was my big AHA Moment and has been life-changing for many people.

It’s never the situation that has you stuck. NEVER.

It’s your energy that’s become stuck by the trigger of negative emotions that can come from challenging situations.

Sounds simple enough.

But how do we change this?

What If You Could Create a NEW Level of Success, and Not Get Stuck in the Hidden Negative Energy That Blocks It?

I can show you how to literally wash away the fear, anxiety, regret … and eradicate the negative triggers and invisible barriers that can keep you stuck.

Suddenly you’ll be able to dissolve the obstacles in your path and literally bring success TO YOU!

I don’t want to see you in the sheer frustration of being stuck and focusing all your energy and spinning your wheels on success that seems elusive.

So I have developed a personalized formula where you can master the transformational powers of alchemy, and unlock the hidden power within you!

Maybe you can you relate to this … I have known plenty of people that had experienced early success when they were young and fresh out of school.

When I ask them to look back and tell me what they contribute that success to, I have commonly heard something to the effect of “I just didn’t know that I could fail,” or “It seemed like nothing could hold me back.”

As each one of these people experienced more of the bumps and bruises that come with running a business, they became more hesitant. Their energy became bound by negativity over time. They were no longer those wide-eyed kids ready to pounce on opportunity. They had become frustrated, indecisive, apprehensive … and eventually stuck.

If you were ever there, if you can remember a time when you were not being weighed down by fear or other negative emotions, then I have good news for you:

The fact is that every one of us can get back to the resilience we once had when we come to understand our strengths and power. I will show you how to break the chains that have bound you and free the powerful person within.
If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, and you’ve tried everything to no avail, I can give you the roadmap that will free you once and for all. I can help you get UNstuck from even the trickiest rut.

Negative emotions like doubts, worries, and frustrations can rob you of who you are and who you’re meant to be. People are often surprised when I say that these negative emotions have their own purpose… to prevent your success. The roadmap that will help you overcome this once and for all is called The Alchemy Matrix™.

The Alchemy Matrix™
There’s Nothing Like It Anywhere!

You don’t have to wander the earth seeking answers, or spend months or years looking for how to change your life once and for all (like I did!). I developed The Alchemy Matrix™ and you can use it to instantly rid the negative triggers from your life and welcome in NEW success. This is information that you can’t find anywhere else.

What is alchemy? The dictionary defines it as “a magical process of transformation”. All it takes is a little AUDACITY … a willingness to take bold risks to use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes!

Imagine each time you have a dilemma facing you, this formula could give you the best and simplest solution. No more worrying about what to do or ever having another sleepless night.

Getting rid of worry, doubts, and frustration not only moves you faster to the life you want, you’ll feel like a huge dark cloud has been removed to reveal the clarity that’s always been there for you. That’s the magic of alchemy!

Using The Alchemy Matrix™ to transform challenges into successes is what will materialize unparalleled success right before your eyes!

Just $397
This lifts your spirits immediately!

“I love Remy’s idea of a Vision Journal and its applications. The steps she gives are bite-sized, do-able, and very insightful. Doing this exercise gave me a lot of clarity and it was FUN! It really got my energy moving and lifted my spirits immediately what a great way to get out of my head … and just GET GOING!”

– Barbara Drohan –
Transition Wisdom Consulting

Unlock Your Hidden Powers with
The Alchemy Matrix™

You are going to be amazed at how much easier life can be when you Unlock Your Hidden Powers with The Alchemy Matrix™. I will unveil the secrets of this matrix, and show you how to instantly put the principles to work. Imagine being immersed in inspiring stories and then being able to roll up your sleeves in real time to implement award-winning techniques that are designed to get you UNstuck from the trickiest rut and tapped into your greatest resource … YOU!

Come join this collaborative community of kindred spirits and discover how to effect transformation … and how to harness a power that brings your vision of success to life!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

How to remove the invisible barriers that keep you from doing what's right for YOU ... even if life has brought you to your knees

Exactly what's been holding you back, and the most efficient way to navigate your challenges so that you can reach the level of business and financial success you've been imagining

How to confidently take charge and get where you want to be by identifying your strengths and creating policies that you've probably never thought about before

The most genius way to create clarity so you can just move forward while one obstacle after another is obliterated

How to ``Crystallize & Materialize`` any dream or goal you currently have with pin-point precision (and maybe a little magic!)

You’re Going to Get:
  • A full-color workbook, filled with hands-on exercises to inspire your creative energies (Value $47)
  • Masterminding and networking inside your own Success Circle (Value $297)
  • Your very own customized alchemy matrix to unlock your hidden power and bring success TO YOU! (Value $197)
  • The Pink Bubble Accelerator™ audio meditation to help you speed up your success (Value $97)

An opportunity to “Stump the UNstuckologist”.

What’s got you stuck? If you’re one of the lucky participants, you’ll be able to grab one-on-one time with your own personal UNstuckologist to crack the case and experience a personal or business breakthrough. One recent participant said, ”This is something I’ve been trying to solve for 35 years. And you just broke it open with three simple questions.”

This makes things so easy!

“Remy gets right to the heart of the problem on how to make a decision, and helps you get “unstuck” right away. She provides such a simple formula that I can use at any time, for any problem, big or small! That satisfies my practical side … on the visual side, I am such a visual person and the drawing of my ego-self and soul-self Just made my reoccurring dilemmas so much easier to understand! When I’m operating from my ego-self, I’m disconnected from who I really am, my soul-self. Thank you!”

— Tricia Greaves Nelson –
The Nelson Center for Emotional Healing

You’ll Be Surrounded by Women Entrepreneurs that Often Share Similar Experiences

In this interactive workshop, you’ll be surrounded by other business owners that often share the same experiences you’ve had. And as you enjoy these connections and learning experiences, I’ll be there to inspire and assist you in making sense of the transformational powers of alchemy … making bold risks seem easier while you watch unparalleled sucess materialize right before your eyes.

This is not passive learning. You will be TAKING ACTION. This is not a program where you learn endless theories and then don’t change anything. I’ll guide you through your workbook, as well as practical and thought-provoking masterminding exercises, so that you’re well-positioned for a new level of success.

How Much is This Award-Winning Program Worth?

When you can free yourself of what holds you back and you have the tools that can double or triple your level of personal power, and transform any challenge into success, imagine what you can do. When you eliminate the triggers that rob you of your positive energy flow, the possibilities are endless. By mastering the transformational powers of alchemy you’ll be able to dissolve obstacles, eliminate indecision, and literally bring what you want TO YOU.

Look, I know how it feels to be gutted by life, to question everything you’ve ever believed in. I know how hard it is to reverse all the negative experiences, and trust that you really are able to tap into your own greatest resource … YOU.

I’ve also heard from people just like you. Not too long ago, I posted this question on my social media page: “Have you ever felt betrayed by a friend, a coworker, a minister, or even God Himself?” I was completely stunned by the responses. In just an hour and a half, I’d heard from over 200 people!

One response really stuck with me. It was from a woman who, back when she was 19, found out that the priest in her church was abusing the altar boys. She reported him to the monsignor, hoping he would do something to stop it, but they just transferred the priest to another church. And almost 25 years later – she had never been married, and was consistently drawing men to her that wouldn’t let her have a voice.

And when she saw my post, she suddenly realized that single negative experience, 25 years ago, had affected her entire personal and business life. That’s how powerful these negative triggers can be … that’s how powerful those hidden obstacles that have been holding YOU back can be.

But what if today, you could finally begin to unlock the hidden power within you? What would it be worth to you to finally get YOU back?

I know what it means to feel completely shattered from past negative experiences and failures. I would’ve given anything to get UNstuck. But no one seemed to really understand what I was going through. This program can give you the power to realize unparalleled success, right before your eyes. What are you giving up every day, not just in business and financial success, but in getting YOU back, and being able to experience the transformational powers of alchemy?

This program isn’t available anywhere else, and the power it has for you is priceless!

So very valuable!

“Remy Chausse has hit a huge chord with me and the lifelong doubt and procrastination cycle that I combat daily. Concise and strategic, each section provides the perfect measure for your breakthrough! This program is fresh and powerful and real! It’s my new perfect tool! So very valuable!!

-Susan Hayward-
Empowering Women to Live on the Leading Edge

My Personal Invitation to You

Please accept this very special heart-felt invitation to have the audacitythe willingness to take bold risks … to use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes!

Because you already know … you already know … if this is right for you.

My programs are designed for extraordinary women who have big-ass dreams and are ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo. You already know if you are completely fed up with mediocrity. You already know that if, no matter what you’ve tried, you still feel like something is hiding inside you.

You already know if you can’t get past that nagging feeling that there was supposed to be more, it was supposed to be different … and while you know the possibility is still there, you have no earthly idea how to make it happen or even where to start.

Well … this is where you start. You start with YOU! You start by addressing the hidden power within you that’s aching to come out. And you learn not only to bring it out, but to find the clarity and passion you need to rewrite the story with all the excitement and energy and fulfillment that’s supposed to be there!

I hope you’ll join me and start right now. I’d love you to be one of the first to join in this amazing collaborative journey. I can think of no greater reward than seeing you unlock your hidden power and tap into your greatest resource … YOU!

This is my personal invitation to join us. Just follow the link below for all the information. Your magic is waiting for you!

Rémy Chaussé

Best-selling Author and Creator
of The Get UNstuck Revolution!™
and The Alchemy Matrix™

P.S. This is like my popular one-on-one VIP consultation where I personally mentor you and brainstorm solutions to your most pressing business challenges. But I’ve re-imagined and re-focused the same teachings for these intimate Success Circles, and at a much lower cost. That’s right … you’ll get the workshop, masterminding, full-color workbook, and your very own customized alchemy matrix … plus the world-famous “Stump The UNstuckologist” sessions!

Just $397
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Rémy Shows You How!

“I went from beat cop to combat pilot in about three years. I ended up becoming the Marine Corp’s first African-American female combat pilot. So you can transition to the top. Rémy can show you how. Now get to work!”

– Vernice Armour-
America’s First African-American Female Combat Pilot

My Exhilaration Guarantee To You
This is as close to magic as it gets!

“What I loved most was the cool idea of the Crystalize & Materialize journal. IT WORKS! It’s portable, private… and it can be close by me, all the time. It also stands the test of time. When I opened my journal from last year, I was amazed and filled with deep gratitude to find ALL the wonderful realities I have created that were just visions of my future at the time. This is as close to magic as it gets!”

– Valerie Sorrentino —
The Simple Art of Manifesting Menior

Now is the time to unlock your hidden power … and dissolve the obstacles in your path to literally bring success TO YOU!
Just $397
It’s Urgent That You Reserve Your Spot Now! Space is Limited!

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