Stuckness and Doubt

Stuckness and doubt – the two seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?

When you’re feeling stuck, obviously there’s some doubt that exists or there wouldn’t be a challenge, right? You’d know exactly what to do, you’d take whatever steps were necessary, and suddenly, you wouldn’t be stuck anymore!

But that’s exactly the point.

Even when you’re filled with some kind of internal doubt … some kind of angst … some kind of pain … you aren’t as lost as you think you are.

Usually, you already know the answer on the inside. Don’t you find that’s true? At least in hindsight, you look back and you think, “I knew it all along!”

So why don’t you know it NOW? Or at least, why don’t youknow you know it now? There are a couple of possibilities …

It could be that you just aren’t ready to confront it yet. Maybe you need more emotional preparation to be ready to do what you need to do.

Or it could be that you just can’t see it. Has that ever happened to you? You feel questions and doubts … you hear that voice that says, “Something’s not right. I should be doing better,” but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

That’s a red flag that there’s a hidden message for you to discover. Doubt always has a message about your own values. So don’t just let the doubts set in … dig deeper and look for the message. Even if one part of you can’t see the truth in a situation, there’s another part of you that can. Remember your Inner Board of Directors – there are all these amazing, powerful parts of YOU just waiting to be put to work. So go find the part of you that can see the truth!

If you’re looking for direction, if you’re looking for a jumpstart, or to find the right ideas, or even if you’re looking for an elusive objective that seems hard to pinpoint … aren’t these answers already inside you?

It may simply be a matter of setting aside one strong personality trait (the dominant member of your Board!) that’sclouding the issue, and finding the part of you that has total inner genius and knows exactly what to do.

Because, I promise you … it’s there.

Your Turn

Think of an area where you’re feeling stuck, and write down your doubts. Are those doubts showing you a message about your own values?




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