Keynote Speeches and Presentations by Rémy Chaussé

As a best-selling author and expert on optimism, I help people who feel successful on the inside, but they aren’t seeing it reflected on the outside. They feel like there’s something missing, but can’t quite put their finger on what it is … they consider themselves successful, but that next level of success is eluding them. They don’t just want a successful life, but a more passionate and fulfilling life … and they don’t know HOW. My programs help them flip an obstacle on its head, and get an exclamation point instead!


Signature Speech

Optimism: The Art of Finding Your Exclamation Points! Flip an obstacle on its head – you get an exclamation point instead! It sounds simple – but where can we find the kind of inner strength and confidence that will help us transform our challenges into opportunities? Rémy offers audiences the lighter side of a serious subject (introducing Alfonso the Ghost, her grandmother’s lively basement companion!) as she shares the tips, techniques and insights from her inspirational book, Living Life as an Exclamation Point!, in a presentation that will entertain audiences into living their lives with more genuine and fulfilling success.

Other Programs

To Be or Not To Be – I wonder if Hamlet ever figured it out?

Gain a greater level of clarity and insight about your one great inner strength (when you may not even know what that is). Finding out who you are isn’t about the finding-part, but creating yourself. Who do you want to be? Learn how to allow the answers to your problems to come to you, rather than you chasing the answers. The spotlight of this talk are the research results from the question “Is Beingness more  important than Doingness”, that reveals more about the hamster wheel than we may realize.

Passions, Purpose & Possibilities

We all have at least one true passion in life … but more than that, we have a legacy. Most people don’t even know what it is! We weren’t put on this earth to struggle or even just survive. We were given one unique strength, and that uniqueness IS our legacy. This talk inspires people to find clarity in the vision, bring their vision to life, and their legacy to realization whether they’re a solo-preneur or a corporate executive.

“Parlez-vous prosperity?”

Do you speak the language of money? Within a fraction of a minute, new prospects form an opinion about you. Don’t leave first impressions up to chance. Your “salesman breath” may be hurting you! Learn how to win over clients by losing your script and being more YOU!  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a partnership from the first minute … how to “seed” so that the prospect creates their own tension to close while still seeing you as the hero … and how to speak the language of prosperity through an irresistible veil.

Find Your Inner Horsepower!

How to rev up your success … 8 ways to wake up to your greatness and expand beyond reason! If you haven’t given these 8 ideas a test ride, now may be the time. The key is to uncover your unique strengths first. Learn these simple techniques to move from here to where you want to be. This workshop environment is designed to develop your most treasured values and your Inner Board of Directors.

What would life be like if you were living your passions?

Can you say with 100% certainty that you are fulfilling your life’s legacy? If not, then identify your top 5 passions in life (even if you don’t have a clue what they are), and learn exactly how to align your life with what matters most. This step-by-step program makes finding your passions easy, so that you can identify your legacy and live a genuine and fulfilling life. Did I live … did I love … did I matter … these are the most important questions we’ll ever ask ourselves, and finding these answers is essential to embracing your legacy.

Come Back From Burnout (or … Is There An Upside to a Downturn?)

Has work become repetitive … is your enthusiasm to take on new clients and new projects fading … are your efforts just not paying off anymore? If so, you could be on the road to burnout. How do you come back and get your 3rdwind? It could be that someone is secretly invalidating you (and how to learn from the hidden message). It could be that it’s time to discover your purpose in life, and reach that next level of success that’s been so elusive. Or maybe it’s time to dust off the definition of “authenticity”, which is an ability to live life on your own terms. No matter what, success is the ability to become who you already are.

Personal and Organization Benefits

  • Gain a greater level of clarity and insight
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that keep you stuck
  • Take months or years off the learning curve
  • Tap into proven strategies to find the next level of success
  • Overcome pessimism once and for all (and why that matters)
  • Use authenticity to believe in yourself, instead of seeking validation from others
  • Raise your self-esteem and those around you to help create a more optimistic living or work environment
  • Discover your unique strategies for success – when you may not even know what they are yet

These dynamic and interactive presentations include practical exercises and tools that can be applied immediately to enhance your life and career. Any of the individual topics are available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or One-day Seminar.