Science Breaks the Happiness Code!

Yes, it’s true! We now know what it takes for people to be happier! Today, I’m going to give you a tool that will help you get UNstuck and begin living the new and happier life you want to live.

Whether we sit in happiness or in frustration, we know it changes us physically and mentally. When you get angry—even for just five minutes—it weakens your immune system for up to six hours! You read that right!happiness_code

But the opposite is true, also. When you feel love, joy and happiness for just five minutes, it strengthens your immunity for up to six hours.

Imagine having a simple tool that you can use in just a few minutes, a few times a day that could have profound effects on your health and happiness.

I’m going to show you how to do just that in just three simple steps that you can do anywhere, anytime.


Step 1: place your hand over your heart. This act stimulates the love hormone, oxytocin. It’s called the love hormone because we have more of it when we feel bonded and connected with each other.

Step 2: breathe in and out, consciously, but at your own pace. Imagine that you are breathing in to and out of your heart. Just feel it, or even picture it.

Step 3: on each in-breath, imagine that you are bringing love, ease and compassion into your heart. Then on your exhale, breathe normally, but out from your heart.

Do this for at least two minutes, but five would be even better. As you finish, slowly take away your hand from your heart and notice how you feel. Do you feel lighter? Happier? More centered or grounded?

Some people even feel a warmth in their heart or tingling in their hands and feet! It’s a different for every person, but no doubt, you will feel different than you did just a few minutes before!


The key is, however, that doing this just once in a while won’t create lasting change. What WILL create that change, however, is doing this exercise just three times a day.

That’s just two minutes a day, three times a day! You’ll start to habituate being in the love response and you’ll find yourself being happier and healthier and moving toward the life you want to live.



Make a commitment to practicing this small happiness exercise into your daily routine for the next two weeks, and see how it changes you.


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  • Virginia
    Posted at 01:14h, 25 September Reply

    Remy – thanks for this simple exercise to bring in happiness, serenity, and overall good health. Hand over the heart and breathe.

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