If you love the idea of getting UNstuck quickly and easily so you can just move on, then I know you’re going to love what I have for you!

How to Get UNstuck and Get Your Life Back so You Can Align With Your Life Purpose

If you’re an extraordinary woman with big-ass dreams who is ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo and you are ready to just get on with it… I have some great news. You have at last found a resource where you can discover how to play your strengths. Yes, you can finally BE RID of whatever has you stuck once and for all and say YES to your dreams!

With 30 simple lessons, each followed by a practical exercise and a thoughtful quote to meditate on, you’ll be able to jump out of your rut and on to the pursuit of real, lasting happiness in every area of your life. From personal relationships to professional aspirations, you can start with your current life situation and use that as a baseline, shaping and transforming it into a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.

So if you’ve ever said, “I feel stuck, and I’ve tried everything” … then this may be just for you! I hope you’ll dive into this inspiring day-by-day plan for getting UNstuck from the trickiest rut, so you can create a life you LOVE!

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Book3DImageIn the national best-seller LIVING LIFE AS EXCLAMATION POINT!, Rémy steps out on a thought-provoking search for her missing exclamation points – and even yours – answering the tough questions we’re all asking today in a brave, honest and often hilarious search for the answers to “who am I and why are we here?”

Rémy explores ideas she learned during this odyssey with a combination of outrageous (and revealing) personal stories, real-world practical advice, and a wide range of interviews with some of the best self-development experts. It’s time to leave the question marks behind and re-discover your exclamation points –and start living the life you’re meant to live!

Instant Breakthrough Session

TheGetUNstuck instantbreakthroughsessionWhy am I here, and how am I supposed to use my life? It’s the most common question I get! If you know you’re meant for greater things, but you don’t know what they are … if you’re tired of being stuck in this place and don’t know how to get out of it … if you feel successful but it also feels mediocre … then you might be ready for an Instant Breakthrough Session!

Together, we’ll get clear about what activities and actions will be most gratifying and purposeful, and how to get sweet satisfaction out of your life and your work. Together, we’ll discover the life you’re meant to live, and discover the best next steps for you.

The Life Purpose Breakthrough Course

“The Life Purpose Breakthrough Course” is the personalized jump-start you need to get you out of your rut and on to the pursuit of real, lasting happiness in all areas of your life. From personal relationships to your professional aspirations, we start with your current life situation as it is right now and use that as a baseline, shaping and transforming it into an endless opportunity to grow. You can start this course and immediately see your new life begin to take shape, right in front of your eyes! There are no endless hours of study, no boring inspirational stories to wade through, this is about YOU and YOUR LIFE from DAY 1!


The Get UNstuck 30-Day E-Course

eCourse-3DThis award-winning program is a 30-day journey featuring an inspiring day-by-day plan for getting UNstuck and unlocking the stunning, amazing, powerful … YOU!

Think of it as your own, personal 30-day journey to guide you out of stuckness, and filled with exciting, inspiring and illuminating insights and exercises that will finally give you what you need to take the wheel and drive your life to its ultimate destination – real, authentic, toe-tingling happiness!

Digital or CD versions are available.

Success Mastermind


You’ll get 10 modules to create your own customized Unique Passion Blueprint™, you’ll also get 4 bonus workshops plus 4 private one-on-one calls to help you bring your vision to life. This remarkable program is here so you can create a life you love (and business you adore)! You’ve heard it before, “Getting UNstuck means starting with a strategy … any strategy.” So why not use a strategy that gets you on-track with your amazing vision? This 4-month mastermind workshop is the fast track to igniting your own revolution!

45-Day Challenge – Coming Soon!

45DayChallengeHave you ever been so completely overwhelmed, you just can’t get through one. more. day.

Or, have you ever been at the other end of life where you’re soooo ready for a major change, just burning for a breakthrough, and ready to burst out of your current life?

I’ve had those flashes, too, and the LAST thing I could get excited about was hiring some life coach that I could only reach once a week in some year-long program! The exciting, most addictive thing about this 45-Day Challenge is that you’ll have a new assignment every single day. Day-after-day. Complete immersion. So when you get that feisty thought, “I want change now, now, NOW!!!!” the 45-Day Challenge may be a perfect fit!

The Challenge includes 45 days of personal exercises, each one designed to help take you one step closer to your goal.

The Passion Test™

Passion-TestThe Passion Test™ is an easy, yet powerful tool to help you with how to find your top 5 passions in life. Based on the NY Times bestselling book, this easy test helps you know:

Your Top 5 Passions
This is the first step to living a purpose-infused life.

Your Passion Score
Your Passion Score will reflect whether you’re aligned with living your passion (and what may need to change)

Your Markers
Your Markers are evidence that you’re living your passions.

Schedule your one-on-one Passion Test so you can play to your strengths in life, and then uncover how to go deeper into your true purpose in life!