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The formula that ensures you aren’t playing too small - pg 58

The three phases that make you think you’re stuck (when you’re actually not stuck at all) - pg 147

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With 30 simple lessons, each followed by a practical exercise and a thoughtful quote to meditate on, you’ll be able to jump out of your rut and on to the pursuit of real, lasting happiness in every area of your life. From personal relationships to professional aspirations, you can start with your current life situation and use that as a baseline, shaping and transforming it into a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.

So if you’ve ever said, “I feel stuck, and I’ve tried everything” … then this book may be just for you! I hope you’ll dive into this inspiring day-by-day plan for re-discovering your resilience so you can take BACK your life!

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What’s Your Perspective?

When it comes to getting UNstuck, there’s
nothing more powerful than changing your
perspective. Sometimes all it takes to find
a solution to a challenge is to see it in a
different light. So, with that in mind, let’s
kick things off with a sure-fire trick to
change-up your perspective.

Now, I know some challenges are more …
well … challenging than others. So keep
your challenge in perspective. Compared
to what some other people out there might
be going through, yours may not be the
worst thing in the world.

Even IF you're facing the most challenging
challenge of your life, this formula still
works. The timeframe may change, but the
perspective is what's magical.

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Finding Your Soul-Self

If you’re feeling stuck, you might also feel
some anger. That’s natural.

But the problem is, when you’re angry …
frustrated … confused … you leak your
power. And that keeps you stuck.

As an example, think of a moment recently
when you felt anger. Did you feel
connected to your soul, or did you feel
distanced from your soul?

Anger serves only one purpose: it creates
distance between you and the things you
value ... and it also distances you from
your life purpose. It pulls you away from
your soul-self, making it nearly impossible
to create those things you want to create in

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You Already Know

If you’re stuck, you may have discovered
how easy it is to find reasons to stay stuck.
Maybe you think you have to stay in a toxic
relationship for the money … or maybe
clarity hasn’t come to you enough that you
can move ahead on a dream project … or
maybe you tell yourself that you simply
don’t know what to do next. You may even
have a list of 20 reasons that justify why
you’re stuck!

That’s what your mind tells you. But it’s
rarely the truth.

In reality, you know exactly what you
should do next. You’re just terrified to act
on it.

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Get Your Life Back So You Can
Align With Your Life Purpose

Our world is filled with extraordinary dreamers and
super-achievers who want to uncover their passions,
discover their hidden greatness, and reach new
heights. But sometimes the same three little words
come up again and again and again:

“I feel stuck.”

If you want to get to the ROOT of why you’re spinning
your wheels ….
If you want to UNKNOT all the little struggles that are
all knotted up together …
If you want to solve the PUZZLE of why you aren’t
where you want to be …
If you want to remove the INVISIBLE BARRIERS that
are suffocating you …

Or maybe you don’t even care WHY you’re stuck,
you’re just ready to take BACK your life!

Then it’s time to find your resilience!