Living Life As An Exclamation Point!

In the national best-seller LIVING LIFE AS AN EXCLAMATION POINT!, Rémy steps out on a thought-provoking search for her missing exclamation points – and even yours – answering the tough questions we’re all asking today in a brave, honest and often hilarious search for the answers to “who am I and why are we here?”

Rémy explores ideas she learned during this odyssey with a combination of outrageous (and revealing) personal stories, real-world practical advice, and a wide range of interviews with some of the best self-development experts. It’s time to leave the question marks behind and re-discover your exclamation points –and start living the life you’remeant to live!

RESILIENCE! How to Get UNstuck and Get Your Life Back so You Can Align With Your Life Purpose

If you’re an extraordinary woman with big-ass dreams who is ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo and you are ready to just get on with it, then I have some great news. You have at last found a resource where you can discover how to play your strengths. Yes, you can finally BE RID of whatever has you stuck once and for all and say YES to your dreams!

With simple daily lessons, each followed by a practical exercise and a thoughtful quote to meditate on, you’ll be able to jump out of your rut and on to the pursuit of real, lasting happiness in every area of your life. From personal relationships to professional aspirations, you can start with your current life situation and use that as a baseline, shaping and transforming it into a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.

So if you’ve ever said, “I feel stuck, and I’ve tried everything” … then this award-winning book may be just for you! I hope you’ll dive into this inspiring day-by-day plan for getting UNstuck from the trickiest rut, so you can create a life you LOVE!


Sometimes when you’re stuck, you need instant help to materialize. If that sounds like you, then this ebook is just the ticket!

This ebook reveals the #1 reason that people get stuck. Stuck going through the motions, stuck on auto pilot, stuck doing things they think they’re supposed to be doing … when in reality they don’t have a clue what they’re supposed to be doing …

And in this process of being invalidated and becoming stuck, well, a lack of self-confidence can often move in. And then it seems like you have to move a mountain to get beyond the stuckness.

In this ebook, we break it down. We’re going to zip line off that mountain. And you’ll get just a few easy ways to get UNstuck in an instant, so you can just move on!