How to Solve Sticky, Stinky Problems

How to Solve Sticky, Stinky Problems

— Surrender to non-resistance and the problem will reconcile —

How can we solve those sticky STINKY problems that just won’t reconcile? They seem to stick to us and cling for dear life, and then they smell up everything in our environment when we’re trying to create something amazing and beautiful!

We may not realize that our ego has us in a game of role-playing, setting us up with defenses and negative emotions that we simply don’t need. All that does is stick us to the problem like GLUE.

But there’s a secret to that may just be the single MOST IMPORTANT ingredient in creating success and abundance: Nonresistance.

Nonresistance streamlines the pathway to success. But it doesn’t mean “doing nothing”. It means that we aren’t reacting and responding to anything around us … no matter what happens. We’re in a state of intense presence. We’re in the moment. We’re SO spiritually centered that ego-thinking CAN’T pull us off-center when things go wrong.

What’s even more cool? We’re in “invulnerability” which means we’re incapable of being hurt. But how can this be? How can we not be wounded if our Ego isn’t there to be a warrior and protect us?

Curious how to deploy nonresistance without being perceived as a doormat? Then check out today’s episode!

Want more?

This episode is for you if you wonder:

  • How to not respond or react to any person or situation
  • Your greatest strength for solving problems, and the #1 thing that masquerades as strength
  • How to streamline the pathway to success by practicing non-resistance

These are spiritual lessons with a practical edge. You can also listen in for the short exercise that’s designed to help you implement this week’s topic.

If you’re someone who has the audacitythe willingness to take bold risks … then you can use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes starting today!

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