How To Overcome Frustration

Do you ever wonder why some things come so easily … and sometimes we feel like we have to claw our way to a manifestation? There’s something you want, something you’re trying to create, but all you seem to get is frustration. You feel deeply, painfully and hopelessly stuck in a negative emotion that just won’t break free.

I’ve made a new video for you … and I’ll show you how to speed up the process! You can view the 9-minute video right here:

3 Takeaways
The biggest mistake to avoid? Creating backwards from the way the universe creates. We want our desires to come to fruition first and then we’ll feel better … but it’s the other way around. We offer a positive vibration first and then we’ll see our manifestation come to fruition.

  1. When we have a spiritual injury, not only could we have a personal life where we can barely function … but it can be nearly impossible to have success in our business
  2. It’s never the situation that has you stuck … it’s your energy that’s become stuck
  3. The first step in re-directing the energy is to start with a positive thought. Just ONE. The second step is to expand … expand into positive emotions like joy, appreciation, gratitude, resilience, and optimism.


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