How to Find Your Strengths

If you’ve ever wondered how to believe in yourself … even in the face of doubts, worries, and indecision … then check out this short video that I made just for you.

When you want to change your life, it all starts with believing in yourself. That means you may be asking, “What ARE my strengths?”

Of course, when we think about our strengths, we quite naturally think about our weaknesses. And those weaknesses often take the lead whenever we bump into one of life’s challenges. Have you ever noticed that?

We start to feel frustration, irritation, even annoyance … but those negative emotions are actually pressure from our inner self asking us to play to our strengths!

So how do we find our strengths? That’s why this video is a must-see!

Here’s a re-cap of the video:

  • 1:07 Your present challenges ARE serving a purpose – to help you restore your strengths
  • 1:21 You have strengths that are there to help you succeed
  • 1:52 Here’s how your inner strengths try to make themselves known
  • 2:25 What are your natural abilities, energies, talents and strengths?
  • 3:17 Which of your strengths can help you with


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