Dodge Ball and Mr. Wiggle


How important is it to take advantage of your favorite hobbies and passions in order to reduce stress? Considering I’m one of thoseweird people who has an entry in the Notes section of my iPhone called “Play” (because I’m often so busy that I can’t even remember what it’s like to play or even what I enjoy doing!), I’d say it’s VERY important to take advantage of a little downtime whenever possible.

If we’ve forgotten how to play and relax in some of the most natural things that our soul was born to do, then we’re working TOO HARD!

So where do we start? I have an idea … what are 5 things you loved doing as a kid?

Not being one to pass up a good quiz (even my own!), I decided to see what popped up for me …

  1. Water Wiggle
    – This toy was a piece of yellow rubber with a funny cartoon face on it. You hooked up your garden hose to a receptor inside, and the water pressure made it go crazy all over the yard, drenching everyone in the process.
    What I learned – the unexpected (or not knowing the outcome) isn’t so bad. In fact, if you’re “game”, it can be boatloads of fun!
  2. Slip ‘n Slide – This backyard water slide not only kept us cool, but there were no stairs to climb and no lines like we have at today’s water parks. Just run toward it, belly-flop on it, and slide along on a thin cushion of water.
    What I learned – We often think life is too slippery, but life truly is a lot easier if you take the path of least resistance and “just go with it”.
  3. Wigs – I pranced around in them then, and currently have a collection of 18 fashion hair pieces.
    What I learned – It’s good to be flexible and mix things up.
  4. Creative stories – I used to love to write about Martians and space ships, not that I’m an avid sci fi enthusiast today! But it was a marvelous creative escape.
    What I learned – When we get stuck in an old story that only brings up doubts and worries and fears … all it takes is a fresh scrap of paper to start writing a new story that will serve us so much better.
  5. Dodge Ball – I was always the last one picked (awwww!) and always the last one standing. While others were being aggressive at throwing the ball (and missing their blind side which leaved them open to getting clobbered!), I was an absolute master at dodging the ball.
    What I learned – When an obstacle aggressively comes toward you, gracefully take a step back and let it pass on by. No aggression is worth you engaging with it.

Would I still choose one of these to help me relieve stress today? FOR SURE! The line for the Slip ‘n Slide forms behind me!

[And before you sharpen your pencil to alert me as to how dangerous the Water Wiggle and Slip n Slide and even Dodge Ball have turned out to be with the reported broken teeth and bloody noses over the years, every game has a risk. Well, except maybe the Nerf Balls.]

How about you … what were 5 things you loved to do as a child?


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  • Virginia Reeves
    Posted at 00:22h, 27 May Reply

    I enjoyed swinging. Sadly, it seems elementary schools don’t have them anymore. Liability issues probably.
    Slip and Slide – oh my – we 5 kids and the neighbors did that and ran through the oscillating sprinkler (safer!).
    I was the tether ball queen !
    Badminton and Volleyball were fun too.
    I still like to swim – do laps 3 times a week at the health club. No grunts or sweat !
    Thanks for a memory visit Remy.

    • rchausse
      Posted at 00:38h, 19 July Reply

      Sometimes we forget how easy it was to have fun, don’t we? I look at my cat … I have the $10 toys she never plays with, and I have the free drinking straws I bring home from the day’s meal, and the drinking straws are just so mutilated! It shows me which toys she REALLY prefers. (Makes me wonder which toys my mom threw out in favor of that simple cardboard box I used to play “fort” in.)

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