Are You Disconnected from the Longings of Your Heart?

You want to follow your passion and live your dreams but perhaps somehow, something is holding you back and you are getting stuck and frustrated and overwhelmed …

Here is a common distraction that can hold you back and get you quickly stuck spinning your wheels with little or no results:FollowYourDreams

Getting caught up in external efforts and focuses

Often times, people get very focused accomplishments, on setting goals and getting rich … on meeting the external social standards of success. Perhaps you tried different businesses or strategies, or perhaps you focused on a career path that you were guided to by your parents or others rather than by your heart.  Perhaps you entered into a corporate job, not because you loved it, but because it was safe and predictable.

The challenge with this is that, if what you are doing is not internally driven – not in alignment with your heart’s passion – you are highly unlikely to find happiness in your work, and your success may become very limited. What’s worse is that the unhappiness and frustration that you feel in your work is likely to spill over into your life and create significant problems elsewhere, too.

If this describes you, then it is time to get UNstuck and shift your focus!

To do this, you need to start to do things differently. You need to shift your focus from the external drives and start doing what you love.  Learn to go inward and identify with your true self.  Learn to listen to and follow the longings of your heart.

As you discover your true passions, the true longings of your heart, do at least one thing every day that aligns you with your passion. Talk about it, join a group with shared interests, read about it, learn about it, and practice it.  The more you do this, the more opportunities to express your passion will be attracted  to you.


Set aside at 15 minutes each day this week to do something that is in alignment with your passion. Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t forget.

Next week – repeat.


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