Because I Have a Voice

Lady With a BullhornDid you ever see the movie, The Kings Speech, about England’s Prince Albert/King George? The man had a terrible stutter and, being royalty, was exposed to both public and private ridicule when faced with the challenge of public speaking. He struggled to communicate daily throughout his life and received constant taunting and ridicule from his father and brother.

In an effort to overcome his speech impediment, he went through numerous doctors and therapists before finding someone who was able to help him – the movie is about his journey.

There is a powerful scene in the movie where he is preparing for his coronation and gets into an argument with his speech therapist. As the argument ensues, the speech therapist challenges Prince Albert as to what gives him the right to sit on the throne and be listened to. As he struggles to respond, Prince Albert angrily yet powerfully claims “BECAUSE I HAVE A VOICE!!”

In this moment, the man who has struggled to give voice to himself for over a lifetime lays claim to his power through claiming his voice. While his stutter continued to be a challenge for him, this moment was pivotal in his healing journey.

Living your passion requires you to give voice to your passion.

Have you claimed your voice? Or has your voice been silence through naysayers, bullies, and power mongers?

Your voice is a powerful tool. You deserve to honor your voice and you deserve to be heard.

Give voice to your passion. Give voice to your will. Give voice to your heart.  Give voice when you see wrongdoing.  Give voice when you see beauty. Give voice to all that is passionate and vital inside you. Give voice to all that is the beautiful, powerful, amazing being that you are.

Claim it.



Claim your voice today. Find a precipice … stand on a rooftop, at the top of a hill or mountain, or on the top of your car and proclaim to the world “I HAVE A VOICE”!  Trust me, it’s not silly.  It’s powerful. And it will feel AMAZING! (Do this today, and tell me below how it felt.)


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