For extraordinary women with
big-ass dreams who are ridiculously
unsatisfied with status-quo ...

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Do you have question marks circling
over your head and ready to take back
your exclamation points?

Unlock Your hidden Power Book

Unlock Your Hidden Power!

If you’re ready to take a wrecking ball
to the old walls of doubt, confusion, overwhelm
and indecision and build a new structure
and framework that causes your current challenges
to evaporate before your eyes…
then you’re ready to use the magic of alchemy!


With 30 simple lessons, each followed by a practical exercise
and a thoughtful quote to meditate on, you’ll be able to jump out of
your rut and on to the pursuit of real, lasting happiness in every
area of your life.


Get UNstuck from a life that doesn’t work and experience the transformational powers of alchemy that so many others are praising!


For me, my soapbox issue is People Who Invalidate People. Here’s what I mean by that …

A friend of mine who hailed from Chicago told me that every Friday night the locals would gather at a nearby pavilion. Someone would literally stack soapboxes up on the stage next to the open mike. And for five minutes, you could hop up on a soapbox and rant about anything that made you ridiculously, insanely, out-of-your-mind crazy.

They called it Soapbox Night.

And if I had to stand on a soapbox right now, I’d get crazy about why-in-the-world it’s okay to discredit, cripple, and nullify another human being. I just don’t get it.

We don’t live on Planet Earth. We seem to be living on Planet Invalidation.

This is the #1 reason why people get stuck … stuck in status quo, stuck going through the motions, stuck in the “what am I supposed to do with my life?” questions … because we live on a planet where it’s okay to give unwarranted advice, make hurtful and very vocal judgments, and disrespect each other.

And we end up injuring each other at a VERY deep, spiritual level.

What ever happened to inspiring each other? To supporting each other? To helping each other grab life by the avocados and shout to the heavens“I’m heeeeeeeeere!” as we excitedly wait for our life’s unique assignments!

This is why I consider myself a spiritual warrior. Because I’m desperately fighting for what it takes to live the life we’re meant to live! It’s my own personal revolution!

That’s why I work with extraordinary women with big-ass dreams who are ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo … to help them overcome invalidation and make their vision an inspiring reality!


It starts with the soapbox issue. One person stands on the soapbox and makes a strong, provocative statement about what’s broken in the world … and a commitment to turn it around.

Then it becomes like a flash mob. That one person on the soapbox ignites a core group of five or six other people who think it would befabulous to gather at Grand Central Station and inspire others. Then they arouse a couple of hundred others who love the idea, and just need to know the steps. Suddenly everyone’s in sync with their Soul Tribe, and then thousands of others become enthused with the energy!

Now that creates a revolution!


Having a soapbox issue – a situation where you say “That’s not okay …” – is the first step. But unless you’re willing to make a change, it’s just a rant. Right?

Are you ready to move from “rant” to “let’s change the world”? Is this revolution-thing really for you?

By definition, a revolution is “a sudden or momentous change”. Or you could even think of a revolution as one complete turn (as in a return to self … a return to love … a return to who you’re meant to be).

Are you ready to be the you you’re meant to be, to live the life you’re meant to live? It might take a bold gesture!


The Unlock Your Hidden Power Podcast is a weekly audio show where we spotlight innovative and cutting-edge thought leaders to help you Unlock Your Hidden Power in as little as 30 minutes!

There’s a new topic every Thursday at 10 am, so don’t miss a single one! It’s like having your own personal UNstuckologist!


What’s your soapbox issue? What creates high-voltage for you, generating so much electricity around you that people step back and say, “Whoa!” when they feel your energy? (Or step forward and say, “I have to be near you!!!”) And how can you create momentum to further ignite your revolution?

The biggest advantage to creating a revolution is that it gives you an insanely high amount of natural energy. Working on a revolution will make youwant to fly out of bed every morning and look for what’s next. If you’re like me, you may even find yourself lying in bed at night obsessively flipping through TiVo channels because you’re so inspired by your own vision but know you need to wind down and go to sleep already!

So if creating a revolution that’s likely to change the world is so invigorating, why isn’t everyone doing it? I think more people would, with a little commitment to changing what’s wrong in the world … and a little know-how.


“Rémy gets right to the heart of the problem on how to make a decision, and helps you get “unstuck” right away. She provides such a simple formula that I can use at any time, for any problem, big or small! That satisfies my practical side … on the visual side, I am such a vis-ual person and the drawing of my ego-self and soul-self just made my re-occurring dilemmas so much easier to understand! When I’m operating from my ego-self I’m disconnected from who I really am, my soul-self. Thank you!!”

Tricia Greaves Nelson, The Nelson Center for Emotional Healing

Ready to Dissolve the Obstacles in
Your Path and Bring Success TO You?


    • How to take a wrecking ball to doubt, worries, frustration, and indecision so that your challenges evaporate before your eyes.
    • How to transform challenges into successes so you can just move forward.
    • How to direct energies toward a positive outcome (it’s your hidden power!)